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For years I have been studying all manner of subjects and how people have been getting manipulated by the mainstream media and children brainwashed in schools. Even though the evidence points to Creation, it is not allowed to be taught in UK schools. This not only deprives people of the right to information and the freedom to choose what to believe, but is anti-science and dictatorial.

They will say that they don't want religion in schools, but they are kicking out Christianity and leaving atheism/humanism right in the schools. The humanist worldview where everything has to be explained away by naturalistic/materialistic answers, regardless of the evidence to the contrary, is clearly immoral and dangerous and driven by people who are afraid of the truth - afraid of being held accountable to a Higher being for their actions, so they will a) make up stories to explain the earth we live on and b) insist that only their version of events is aceptable for teaching.

I will expand on this and, I hope, much more, including fossils, geology, astronomy and just about anything you can think of and show you how you have been fooled.

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